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It’s time to awaken from winter’s slumber and begin preparing for spring yard cleanup and tree trimming. Pull your STIHL equipment such as chainsaws and trimmers out of storage to inspect and repair them as needed. If you don’t currently own any STIHL equipment, now’s the perfect time to visit Midwest Machinery Company to purchase everything you need for your spring yard chores in Rochester, MN.

Think safety first when getting your spring yard cleanup and tree trimming done by following a few simple tips:


When working with power tools, always wear the appropriate clothing or safety gear. Safety glasses, gloves, and hard hats are always important, especially when trimming branches and trees. Never wear loose clothing that could get caught in the power tool.

Adjust and/or tighten chainsaws.

Working with a chainsaw that has dull cutting teeth can be hazardous and lead to injuries. Before beginning the trimming process, check and adjust the chain tension and sharpen or change the chain on your saw. 

Check power cords and trimmer string.

Damage to power cords on any electrical trimmers or tools can happen during winter storage. Check power cords before use and check and/or replace trimmer string.

Clean debris.

Part of the preventative maintenance of STIHL chainsaws and trimmers is to clean and lubricate. To prevent injury, be certain to clean any debris from your trimmer or chainsaw before using it.

Warm up.

Just as it takes you a bit to get going in the morning, so it goes with chainsaws, trimmers, and other power tools. If these tools haven’t been used for an entire season, don’t expect them to work properly without warming up first.

Check spark plugs, screws, nuts, and air filters.

Sitting through a long, cold winter season can leave spark plugs and air filters needing replacement. Additionally, check equipment for loose screws and nuts to ensure safety when using.

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If you’re ready to roar into spring yard cleanup and trimming in Rochester, MN, prepare yourself and your power tools for easy and efficient performance. Midwest Machinery Company has chainsaws, trimmers, and all of the STIHL equipment you need for your jobs, whether big or small. Visit us here to find a convenient location. Our staff stands ready and available when you awake from your winter slumber and are ready to take on spring and the yard cleanup duties that come with it.