Variable Rate Planting in Minnesota

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Planting is the most integral stage of your crop's lifespan. Every aspect of planting has a resounding effect on your yield outcome; seed selection, seed population, placement, and fertilizer application. At Midwest Machinery, we offer the equipment, guidance, support and technology necessary to plant your crop for maximum profit. 

What is Variable Rate Planting?

Variable rate planting improves yields, while minimizing seed costs. Your agronomist will create planting prescriptions for your field. Your John Deere planter will automatically adjust row units to achieve optimum economic return.

Examples of Profit Gain

Case studies from Minnesota-based operations measured the effectiveness of variable rate planting. The results showed a profit gain of $5.44/Acre to $116.19/Acre. Variable rate planting is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time.

Data Collection

Planning for and gathering the right data is an important step toward variable rate planting. Data types to build an accurate variable rate planting prescription include soil type, fertility, elevation, variety selection, seed population and field drainage.

Equipment & System Requirements

If you own a late model John Deere planter, you likely have everything you need to begin variable rate planting. You will need a variable rate-ready planter, GreenStar Display and StarFire Receiver.

Making Connections

Midwest Machinery will work closely with your agronomist or trusted advisor to develop prescriptions. If your agronomist does not have the desire or expertise to write prescriptions, we will provide other local advisors. 
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