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Many tools are available for you to maximize the use of John Deere technology for your farming operation.

About Us

Hardware / Technology

Many tools are available for you to maximize the use of John Deere technology for your farming operation.


StarFireTM 7000

The StarFire 7000 Universal and Integrated receivers increase performance with greater accuracy fater pull-in times and season-to-season repeatability.

Accurate. Easy.
  • Removes guesswork out of positioning a machine for advanced precision levels
  • RTK level precision, using sophisticated satellite correction
  • Multi Constellation for better positioning and connectivity
  • Better accessibility without needing additional hardware
  • Less likely to drop or lose signal near headlands or tree lines
And Consistent.
  • Confidence that your guidance lines and boundaries won't shift from year to year
  • Consistent implement spacing all across the field
  • 2.5cm SF-RTK performance from machine to machine and pass to pass
Perfect for Any Operation Looking for Smart Precision
  • Universal design that's compatible with older and competitive equipment
  • Flexibility built in - utilize with your Gator to map boundaries and then use it with your tractor, sprayer and harvester for peak performance

G5 Display Series

More than a display, this is your path to the future of Precision Ag. Experience the benefits of the larger, faster and clearer display, no matter the job.

With G5 Advanced*, Prepare to Take Your Farm to the Next Level of Automation!
  • See more with larger screens, making in-field adjustments easier on- the-go
  • Get running faster with quicker boot times
  • Catch every detail on our most advanced displays, with visual clarity in any conditions
  • G5Plus now includes Section Control in base, along with AutoTracTM and Documentation, simplifying the purchase experience
  • Smooth transition from Gen 4 to G5 with a similar easy-to-use operator experience across large ag equipment
  • Required for future sense and act technologies and autonomous capabilities


G5 Advanced Package

Take your in-field productivity and performance to the next level by adding a G5 Advanced package to your G5 or G5Plus displays*.

  • Lower up-front cost
  • Gets better over time
  • Only pay for what your farm needs
  • Achieve more and stress less with AutoTracTM Turn Automation, AutoPathTM, Machine Sync and In-Field Data Sharing
  • Precisely place seed, fertilizer and other products no matter the terrain, with AutoTrac implement Guidance and SF-RTK
  • Lower up-front cost with annual license
  • License holders get access to new features as they are released, improving their experience
  • Only pay for what your farm needs through year-to-year flexibility and machine-specific licenses

Automation Technologies

AutoTrac Turn Automation
  • Make the perfect end row turn every time with AutoTrac Turn Automation
  • Make every operator the best operator
  • Use pre-established field boundaries to improve turn performance
AutoTrac Implement Guidance
  • Precisely place the row where it supposed to with AutoTrac Implement Guidance
  • Maximize accuracy throughout multiple applications and operations
  • Active Implement Guidance vs. AutoTrac Implement Guidance
Gen4 MachineSync
  • Automatically control speed and position of unloading wagon
  • Minimize crop spillage when unloading
  • Improve efficiency of harvest logistics
  • Increate operator confidence
  • Automatically create guidance lines from crop row dates
  • Easily and accurately establish guidance in standing crops
  • Simple guidance for difficult fields
  • Reduce potential crop damage by staying between rows

RTK Network

RTK (Real Time Kinematic) is a differential correction signal that provides sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy.

Midwest Machinery's RTK Network Provides:
  • Accuracy - Sub-inch, pass-to-pass
  • Boundaries - With guidance lines that don't drift over time
  • Efficiency - Accuracy with section controls on fields and waterways
  • Monitoring - Remote base station